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 Just-In-Time Factoring
An Affordable Factoring Company
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Can Offer You What Others Can't

Factoring Benefits

Receive money in as few
days as two to four days.

Maintain complete control
of your business.

Remove or lessen the business costs
with the collection process.

Gain a greater control over your cash flow by
deciding exactly how many invoices to sell and when.

Stop wasting time thinking about cash flow issues
and start spending more time on your business.

You are not burdened with having to make
monthly payments to repay a loan.

Win the battle against slow-paying clients.

Increase your production and sale.

It gives you professional collection and
credit checking services.

Meet your payroll.

Pay your payroll taxes.

Provide case discounts for your materials.

Increase your purchasing power, allowing
you to enjoy bulk purchasing discounts or early payment discounts.

Improve your credit rating as you continually
have the cash on hand to pay bills on time.

Provide cash for your expansion.

Provide cash for your marketing.

Improve your financial statement.

It provides you with complete and detailed reports
about your accounts receivable portfolio

Here is just a sample of our services
and features that we can provide you

Invoice Processing - We will mail out your invoices to customers,
pay for the postage, post invoices to the computer,deposit checks,
enter payments and produce regular reports. All you need do is generate
an invoice as you normally would and we take care of the rest

Credit Management and Consulting - Our extensive credit and accounts receivable
assistance is available at no charge and is often less costly than maintaining
your own in-house credit department. We serve as your credit department,
accounts receivable department, and collection department.

Courteous Collection -
We understand the relationship you have with
your customers, we do not use heavy handed techniques to collect your invoices.
We work with your customers so they understand factoring
and how it helps you serve them better.

Back Office Support - We can help you reduce the mailing, time
and collections on your accounts receivables.

Plus Much More

For Transportation Clients:

Message Center - We can relay messages to you while on
the road and not easily reached.

Load Matching Database - We can let you know who has
loads in the area you are traveling, so as not to deadhead half of your trip.
All you need do is contact the business with the load to haul.

Fuel Card Assistance - We will help you obtain a fuel card from Comdata.
We can also help you maintain the fund that the fuel card is drawn from.

Same Day Funding - We will buy your invoice and give you an
advance in the first 12 to 24 hours that you supply us with invoices
for goods and services that have been shipped and accepted.

Processing - We will buy your invoices from a faxed copy of the invoice.
Just send us the original invoices in the envelopes provided
so we can mail out the originals for you.

No Long Term Contracts - You can give us thirty days
written notice to terminate our services any time

No Start Up Fees - You are charged only for the
invoices we buy from your company.

Short Application Process- We have a short application
and we try to keep our application process down to five days or less.

To find out how we might structure

a factoring deal for you, please complete our
online factoring company application.

To learn more,
Please contact
one of our
regional offices at

 On-Line Factoring Request Form

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Factoring Company
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including unique 97% Advance Rates

To learn more,
Please contact
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regional offices at
On-line Factoring Request Form